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Ninja Nay
Renaissance Woman: Creative


Naomi ‘Ninja Nay’ Santiago is above all things a Renaissance woman. She has explored many creative lanes including photography, film, music and visual/graphic design. Holding 2 degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in Music Business and a Master of Science in Digital Marketing, she is not only creative but has a business mind.

In 2014, she alongside partners formed the Creative Society of CT. Ninja served as Creative Director for the company curating uniquely themed networking events that fostered relationships between creatives and entrepreneurs. She produced and directed The Breakdown, a visual following a woman battling depression. The project resulted in her receiving dozens of private messages with thank you’s from others who have escaped or are still in their fight. She acted as director for Served film which was picked as selections for multiple film festivals, winning best short in the Atlanta PeachTree Film Festival. The film follows two young girls navigating life after their mother is arrested. The film highlights the effects of mass incarceration on women and children.

Following completion of her undergraduate degree, she was constantly giving others tips and idea for their artistry and/or businesses and decided to begin consulting. She continues to assist start-up and small businesses with visual branding, marketing, and development. This is what led her to obtain her Master of Science in Digital Marketing, a program that focused on data and the science behind not only developing effective marketing plans but using the stats for direction moving forward.

Ninja Nay has had a passion for photography since the moment she got her hand on a pro film camera at the age of 9. With difficulty in coordinating for photoshoots but an urge to bring her visions to life, she began photographing herself which soon developed into the #UltimateSelfieSeries which you can follow via her Instagram (@ninjanay). Recently she dove back into media and is programming director for a podcast. Nay continues to work on her brand, is developing two new scripts, exploring photography further, and expanding her marketing resume.

To get in touch with Naomi ‘Ninja Nay’ Santiago, feel free to email her at a.naomisantiago@gmail.com



BACHELOR, Entertainment Law

BACHELOR, For-Profit Business

BACHELOR, Non-Profit Business

BACHELOR, History of Music Industry

MASTER, Marketing Analytics

MASTER, Marketing Management

MASTER, Social Media Management


Sisyphus, 2018

Surviving Aja, 2018

Served, 2017

The Breakdown, 2014

Creative Society, 2014

#UltimateSelfieSeries, on-going